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July. Summer had already begun and I still had to pass a few awful exams at university. I already knew that I was going to spend my summer in Spain but I had no time to book a flight or search for an apartment. I know that when you‘re planing to go abroad for a longer time than 2 weeks it needs a lot preparation. But I am not this type of person. I don‘t worry about anything for ages until the week before I actually notice that this is really going to happen. And it needs organization! Well, I had to start my work in Barcelona on the 23. of July. I found my apartment the 15. of July via Facebook and booked my flight at the 19 of July. Is that spontaneous enough?

img_4959s     The apartment

In the internet we trust! We all know we should‘t, but mostly we do. We buy online, book flights online and I found my Barcelona apartment online. Actually it was not even via some professional “rent-an-apartment-website” – it was simply via Facebook. This is how I got it: First of all I joined like about 50 Facebook-groups where I could get in touch with german people living in Barcelona. “Students in Barcelona”, “Erasmus in Barcelona”, “Students abroad”, “Germans in Barcelona” etc pp. I don‘t really remember them all. There are many people trying to find a roommate or trying to rent their apartments to newbies. I was a newbie and posted that I am currently searching for an apartment in Barcelona. I received lots of offers but: which one should I take? 1. compare the prices You have to check what you get for your price. The price must include the rent, additional charges and the deposit! 2. check the location For me it was important, where I would live. It had to be near to my working place or have a good public transport connection like bus or metro. Just check Google Maps.

Well, I decided to take an apartment in Barceloneta. I was lucky. 1 minute to the beach, 10 minutes to work.

The flight

As I already mentioned I booked my flight really late. If you think that I payed a lot, you are wrong. Maybe you suppose that I snatched a cheap last minute flight – you‘re also wrong. I used I bet you already know the ryanair airlines, where you can book flights even for the unbelievable price of 19,00€. Meet the Vueling airline. It‘s not always that cheap and especially not in summertime. But it‘s affordable! But watch out for the baggage-traffics. You can get a flight for 40,00€ with cabin baggage till 10 kg and the same flight for 80,00€ with 23kg baggage. Here you can read more about the baggage conditions.

I arrived the 22. of July and started my adventure.

S.   IMG_4961 IMG_4948 img_4956i IMG_4933 img_4951i img_4934i

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