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Two weeks Barcelona


My first two weeks in Barcelona passed and I already know a lot more about the country. I tried churros and Gazpacho, learned how to use the public transport, shopped and know how to move around the city without beiing robbed. There are a lot of differences between each country and my mission is to get to know Barcelona – more or less. Here is a summary of what I´ve done so far:

My first week was kind of unspectacular. I work, go home for eating and relaxing a bit and in the evening (when the sun goes down) I am going for a nice running-session at the beach. Even though there is not much time for exploring the city or going shopping (I do these things at the weekends) I love my new laid-back, sunny lifestyle! In that week all I saw from Barcelona was my apartment, the way to work and the beach. I wasn‘t visiting the typical Barcelona-tourist-spots. Everything changed when my mom and my brother visited me in the second week.
„We have no time for sleeping/sitting/relaxing/waiting, we have to see the city.“ I heard that sentence a hundred times since my mom and brother arrived. They were staying for 4 days and wanted to explore every single tourists-spot. Beach, La Sagrada Familia, Shopping in the city, Camp Nu, Park Guell, Casa Battló, Gàrcia etc pp. They saw everything. I accompanied them a few times and saw more in these two days than in my whole first week. Well, sometimes it‘s good being a „tourist“.












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  1. Fantastyczny tour!<3


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