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About going by metro and an angry bus driver

Today I want to tell you something about taking the public transport here in Barcelona. It may seem a non-spectacular topic to you but actually very funny things happend to me. Let me reveal one thing: Don‘t mess with the bus driver!


Barriers and supervisors! In Germany you can enter the metro with or without ticket and maybe you‘ll meet some supervisors. Maybe you meet them – maybe not. So there is a way to drive without a ticket. In barcelona it is different. You only can enter the metro with a ticket. There is a barrier at the entrance and if you try to get in without a ticket you‘ll get to know the alarm clock. And don‘t forget that there is a supervisor at every station watching you. So there is no way getting in without a ticket. I think that not only Spain has that kind of system but also a lot of other countries. No wonder that Germany has problems with fare dodger! (Here a metro map of Barcelona)

Which ticket is the right one for me? Barcelona is not cheap. That‘s why I was thinking about the beneficial way to move around the city. What about walking to my work everyday? My apartment is also very near by the city center. Could I walk? Ehrr, no! It‘s an erroneous belief that you reach every corner of the city by foot. (A perfect option is using the bike! In Barcelona everybody is using „Rent a Bike“ which is a brilliant idea! I recomment it to everyone that is staying for a longer period of time.) I wanted to use metro & co but which ticket is the best? I decided to take T50 which means 50-way-ticket for 30 days. It does not need your personal dates so you can also share it with your friend(s) ( is that legal?). I use it for 2 weeks now every day and I love it. (Here a ticket abstract.)

Don‘t mess with he bus driver. Unbelievable, in such an international city the „older“ spanish people don‘t speak a single english word. No way. Even if they understand, they pretend „not-to-understand“. Last week I got from behind into the bus. The bus driver got angry and screamed something in spanish. I was very addled and didn‘t understand his catalan. I showed him my ticket but he shook his head. Now he was shouting even louder and babbled some more catan words. It was so embarrasing but finally I understood. He yelled at me something like „You have to step into the bus from the front!!!!!!!“ I stepped out of the bus and got in again-this time from the front. Wow, what‘s your problem dude? I felt like a stupid kid that needs to learn how to get into the bus the right way. Next time I‘ll know!








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