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Dior Fusion Sneaker

Last week I was obsessed about shoes. The reason? I needed new ones and thats why I lingered through all the shopping-corners of Barcelona (I actually found an amazing shoe shop selling real treasures). I was also making some researches in the internet and discovered something really eye-catching: The Dior Fusion Sneakers. When I saw these Dior sneakers, I was like “WTF, Dior sneaker? …..Well, why not?” What I didn‘t know: These shoes are really trendy and all over the internet now. A lot of people don‘t really like them and think they are “horrible”, “ugly” and “just uuurgh”. Call me crazy but I think they are gorgeous!Dior-Fusion-Sneakers3 By the age of -let‘s say- 14 (?) I was obsessed by the latest adidas x missy elliot collection. I wanted to have it all and was a pride owner of these, these and these shoes. But that was a long time ago and nowadays there are other “sporty must haves” such as the New balance and Nike free. Luxury brand designers couldn‘t overlook that trend “looking good while being sporty” and now created haute couture shoes sneakers. The Dior Fusion Sneakers are available in many, many different colors and you can get them for  790 €. High price but not unusual for Dior. (I wear Stella McCartney x Adidas which is a pretty affordable alternative.)  Here  you can find stores in Barcelona selling Dior.

Back to the Dior Fusion Sneakers. I actually love them. Why? Idk, I have an obsession about bizarre fashion (I mean, I wore gold Missy Elliot shoes! People looked at me like WTF are you wearing!)

What do you think? Hot or Not? dior1_2977672a   10325166_849191738443523_7189975569049660439_n

Dior-Accessories-of-the-Autumn-Winter-2014-15-Ready-To-Wear-Campaign_4   be-reserved-photos-blog-sneakers-dior-fusion-big

 All pictures belong to Dior Official

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2 thoughts on “Dior Fusion Sneaker

  1. Hey :)

    what a great Blog! I love blogs about trevling and Barcelona has to be great!
    By the way: The shoes are really extraordinary, but I like them!

    Thanks for your nice comment on my blog, also about Travelling.
    Maybe we could get partners about living in foreign countries with the same mission or something like that ;)
    Hope to read more of you soon!


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