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Where to enjoy good food in Sitges?

As you already know, I spent the weekend in beautiful Sitges! It was a super relaxing day lingering through the streets, tanning myself at the beach, visiting the old town and enjoying the good food. Today I want to share my Sitges-food-experience with you. You want to know where you should eat? Keep reading!


When you spend your vacation in Barcelona, Sitges is a MUST GO! Here you can take a look at my last post about Sitges. Today I want to share my  “yummy-moments” with you. Food is an important component of your stay in a different country. I am sure that in Germany there are a lot of locals selling “spanish paella” , but it is never the same experience than trying food in its homeland. If you want to get to know the country, you have to try their culture, their habits and their food. In Sitges I had some Haribos, Tapas, una Clara and some spanish pastries.

Tapas en El Cable Bar Sitges

I have to be honest with you – I was searching for the “right” restaurant for an hour. I am pretty  chary at this point. When I go to another city I don‘t want to eat in McDonalds or another restaurant I already know from Germany. I also hate tourist-attracted, too-expensive, big restaurants with food, that don‘t even taste good! I want to try the food in a little restaurant based in that town with delicious food and good prices. This is what I found in “El Cable Bar” in Sitges. The local was full of people, but it was not overcrowded – positive. The prices were good and the Tapas were big and delicious – positive ! This is what I call a damn good place to eat typically spanish and drink some Clara (spanish shandy)! (The Bar is based in: Carrer de Barcelona, 1, 08870 Sitges, Barcelona)





Dessert en Panaderia Enrich

“Enrich” is actually a bakery and you can find it not only in Barcelona and Sitgues but also in 3 other spanish cities. Here i tried little ham-cheese croissants and the famous spanish Éclair. I love everything that is sweet or has chocolate, so it was really delicious. Besides this the shop was looking really good. I wish I could eat all the yummy kickshaw!





Snacking at the beach

I took a package of Haribo and Ice Tea light to the beach. Everybody needs something to snack while tanning at the beach ;-)



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