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Outfit: Travelling around

This time I just wanted to present you my favourite travelling-around-look. As a tourist, you need just some really essential goodies. Comfortable -but good looking- clothes, a bag where you can always watch your things (!), some nice shoes and my favourite: a hat! This is my look-of-the-month!

P.S. I fell in love with plateau-shoes. Here in Barcelona it is the newest trend! Last week I told you that I found some really nice shoes…guess what-they have plateau! Soon I will share them with you!


This month, these goodies are my favourites. I love jumpsuits, they are so comfortable and it looks great! I am exited to try some overalls this autumn…but first I will enjoy summer in this cutie! The hat..well, I just bought one in black and I am wearing it constantly. At first I didn‘t feel that comfortable with it. I must admit, you have to get used to it. I got used to it I am happy with wearing my “oversized-hat-look”. Let‘s talk about the shoes: Jeffrey Campbells. There is not much to say: they look good, they feel good, they are great! Yesterday I discovered a tiny shop in Barcelona selling Jeffrey shoes and I fell in love with it immediately! It is called “Aurevoircinderella” and it is very nested and a real insider – I love it! If you are in Barcelona, you MUST visit that shop! Back to the outfit: The backpack. You need one while running around the city. Put in a pair of emergency-shoes, a bottle of water, something to snack, money and your camera. But please -watch your stuff!! In Barcelona you will be robbed while taking a picture for Instagram. Please promise me to watch your bag!

Shop the look:

Overall – French Connection SALE (shop here)

Hat – Stetson (shop similar)

Backpack – Even&Odd (shop here)

Bracelet – Promod (shop here)

Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell SALE (shop here / or beautiful SALE similar here)


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