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7 ways to find an apartment in Barcelona


You are coming to Barcelona for working, an internship or a year abroad and need an apartment? I know, finding an apartment is hard and takes time. Here are some of my tips how to find your perfect home in a new city. 

When i arrived to Barcelona, I told you how I found my apartment – spontaneous, unexpected, through Facebook and without even visiting it before. Dear Kids, this is not the right way in life ;-) Please note, that it is important to inform yourself about everything really good so that you don‘t get tricked, robbed or kidnapped. These are some sites I was looking at while searching for a Barcelona apartment:

1. Airbnb
I just adore Airbnb! It is a perfect alternative to hotel & hostels and you can easily find your dream-apartment. Private room or whole apartment. Fancy or cheap. Beach or city center. Party-place or family-apartment. You can choose you’re own favorite place to stay. You have pictures and can contact the people immediately. Check it out!

2. Vitamin B
Ask your friends, the friends of your friends, your parents friends and the friends of your parents friends – maybe someone knows someone who somehow was living here. This someone may help you. I hope you got it ;-)

3. Facebook-groups
Best place to find some shared apartments and get in contact with your future roommates & renter really easily. Moreover you can chat with other people, make friends, find a job or ask others for advice. Here are some of the Facebook-groups I have joined while searching for a Barcelona apartment:

4. Flat sharing websites
We germans all know WG-gesucht. It is a website where you can find shared flats or apartments if you are planing to stay longer. Usually these people want you to stay at least 6 months. If you are staying for just 2 months (like me) you can simply contact them and ask or you search on another website. Although WG-gesucht is a german flat-searching-website, you’ll also find some apartments abroad on – just type in the city you want to live in. WG-gesucht for Barcelona. Similar websites are and Studenten-WG. But honestly I never tried these website while going abroad, so I prefer Airbnb & Facebook.

5. Google it
You can google everything. Be creative and google all kind of stuff which comes to your mind. Apartments Barcelona, barcelona living, room, flat, villa, roommate, Barcelona finca, shared flat etc pp. Then open every website that google gives you and check it out. It is going to take some time but that‘s how it is. Have fun.

6. Apartment renting companies
There are lots of website like Airbnb out there (Barceloneta is full of tourists). Search for apartment renting companies actually based in Barcelona. They are pretty cool but watch the prize and compare it to other apartments. Don‘t let them trick you. Here is one I consider being pretty cool:
Apartments in Barcelona

7. Hotels, Hostels & Motels
You are staying for just a week or for a couple of days? Doesn‘t matter if you want to live in an exclusive luxury hotel or just have a nice & cheap stay – here you can find the place that suits you best. Also look for where they are! If you love the beach, make sure you‘re staying in Barceloneta! If you want to visit the old time, search for something near Sagrada Famila. Last but not least, if you are a backpacker and looking for the cheapest one: I recommend this one or you can look for some others here.


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