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Yummy fruits covered by dark chocolate


I have discovered this three weeks ago and after traveling the long way from Peru, it‘s finally here: My favorite chocolate. My colleague at work was visiting Peru and brought some peruvian chocolate for us to try. I tasted it and at first I was just “okay”..but after eating more, they turned out to be my new favorites. Best chocolate ever – Britt chocolate. This is a post about all my struggle to get these goodies.

It‘s tasty. It‘s special. It‘s Britt chocolate. Tropical fruit or nuts covered by incredibly good (dark, milk or white) chocolate. When I eat that shit, I am in heaven. Actually I am not that into chocolate but I love that one. Maybe it is because of the (very special) taste or maybe it is because of the effort I put in getting these goodies. I struggled with many (many) problems to get this. Wait, I will tell you about it: As I already mentioned, a work colleague introduced me to Britt and I fell in love with the peruvian ground berry (physalis) covered by dark chocolate. It was all in one: soury, bitter and sweet! I loved it and wanted to introduce it to my boyfriend. Unfortunately, there is no shop selling Britt chocolate in Barcelona (or Spain). I looked up the whole internet – but nothing. Luckily Britt has an online shop. Great – I was enthusiastic. I ordered online and wanted to pay with Paypall…error: “we are not shipping to Spain” ARE YOU SERIOUS? I need that chocolate!! (Suddenly Iwas obsessed about it) What am I going to do now? I contacted my dear friend Marco who is actually living in Peru and ask him if he knows the brand. “Of course I know Britt”, he mailed me. “It is famous peruvian chocolate and it‘s delicious” Finally! I was so happy! Marco (btw. thank you so much again) sent me three packages of Britt chocolate to Barcelona but there were more problems coming up. When the delivery service wanted to deliver my package I wasn‘t at home. They called me, I called back, the mobile reception was bad, they couldn‘t understand me, I don‘t speak catalan etc etc. Finally I asked them to change the shipping address and deliver it to my work…I was so happy the day it arrived! One day the package was just lying on my desk…Just like this, like magic.

The red package comes with different fruit fillings (my & Marcos favorite is “Lucuma” ,egg fruit) and the other two packages are filled with little chocolate bullets. On the pictures I got dark chocolate filled with passion fruit and physalis (my favorite). I really like it‘s taste because it is very special. High-quality chocolate meets good (dried or liquid) peruvian fruits. To me, this is something really special and that‘s why I sent it to my boyfriend (who was also obsessed about finally trying it). He will receive it today. Happy 1-year anniversary my love!

IMG_6757 IMG_6758 IMG_6759 IMG_6760 IMG_6764 IMG_6762 IMG_6766
IMG_6775 IMG_6769 IMG_6773 IMG_6763

Thanks to my dear friend Marco for sending me this! You made me soooo happy :)


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