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Catalán independence day

_DSC3172 copiaAt the 11 of september I attended the big celebration of  Catalan independence day. Thousands of people formed a gigantic “V” through Barcelona, which stands for VOTING. These are my impressions of the Catalan mull independence vote-day directly from Barcelona.

First of all, I am very proud to announce some important changes going on on CARRER DE MEER. My friend Laura is my new photographer aka. partner in crime!! In the next weeks you will find more pictures of her on my blog so let us surprise you!! If you have some questions or just want to talk about photography – don‘t hesitate contacting her via Facebook.

But now, back to business: I am sorry that I didn‘t write about this earlier, but now it‘s on: me experiencing my first catalán independence day directly from Barcelona! Well, let me start with this: it was breathtaking! I didn‘t know that this is such a big event until my working colleague told me that I am free on the 11 of september. “It‘s catalán independence day, a public holiday – didn‘t you know?” No, I didn‘t know that before – thanks for informing me. Last year the people formed a more or less 500 kilometer long human-chain along Catalunya, called Catalan way. This year they are going to form a huge “V”. All that sounded really interesting, so I was exited to experience this on my own.

The other day it was so noisy outside, that I had to look out of the window in order to check if everything is OK. It was 10 am and the streets were already full by red-yellow dressed people – the independence day is on! Unfortunately I have nothing red or yellow in my wardrobe, so I decided to go out in my white Quiksilver dress. “Nobody will care” – I was so damn wrong! With my write dress and no flag I was a complete outsider! I seriously don‘t remember anyone without wearing something red or yellow…. I went to Av Diagonal to meet up with some friend and suddenly I was standing in between of all these people.

“What is this all about?”, I asked my spanish (or should I say catalán?) friend Laura. “You are fighting for catalonian independence, right?” She had to explain me all this: “No, not only. Here are two different kind of people: the ones that wants catalonia being independent and the other that are against Catalonian independence but still want to vote when it comes to political decisions.” Wait…all parts of catalonia can‘t vote? Yes, it’s true. The thing is: Catalunya is part of Spain but they have no voting rights so they have no political voice at all. This is why thousands of Catalans came to Barcelona and formed a giant V out of the Catalan flag in the streets of the Diagonal Avenue and Gran Via in order to send out a message to the world: “We want to vote! We want a voice!” I have to be honest with you guys: I have learned all about Spain and their problems with Catalonia at school – but it was a long time ago and I just forgot all this. This day was an important experience for me and while talking to all these people, I now understand the situation. It‘s always good to talk to people and get to know their opinion. This may make you understand some things and this is what I was looking for while going abroad: Getting to know cultures.

What do you think about it? Did you ever attend catalonia independence day? Have you ever experienced something in a foreign country that made you changing your mind or at least think about it?

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