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7 reasons to visit Sitges


It looks a little bit like lovely Mykonos, but it is actually Sitges, near to Barcelona. When I was there I fell in love with that town. Here are 7 awesome reasons why Sitges is such an amazing place.

Barcelona is beautiful, there is no doubt about it! However, sometimes I just need to get out of town for more peace, change & silence. In Sitges I spent a perfectly relaxing saturday & simply fell in love with it. Sitges is the perfect place if you want some cute, provincial town-feeling. It is a very cozy & small town but famous for it‘s festivals & carnivals, so there is always something going on there. I promise, it is not going to be boring! These are my reasons why you should absolutely visit Sitges.

1. Sitges is very famous for it‘s film festival in october ( I am a huge fan of that one)
2. Sitges is catalonian most famous Gay coastal vacation city
3. Sitges is very calm and laid back. A perfect contrast to lively Barcelona
4. If you miss Barcelona, you can go there by train. Takes only 20 minutes!
5. I adore Sitges beach. So much cleaner than in Barcelona! (Btw my favorite beach!)
6. Sitges is full of events. It is never going to be boring!
7. Honestly? Sitges is (fucking) beautiful! :-)
(8.) When you are there you must try their local specialty ‘xato’. Keep that in mind & have fun in SITGES  
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