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_DSC4116 copia Kopie22

I got some great changes going on @ Career De Meer. Check it out and meet my new -great- photographer-team!

What will change on Career de Meer?

I will still write about everything I love but there is this new category: SECRETS. On SECRETS I will present you some “secret fashion insider” like unknown shops or local designer in various cities – starting with Barcelona.

What made you change?
My Barcelona time is over – Yesterday I arrived in Germany. My blog was about my experience in a new city but I realized that 3 months are too short if you want to get to know a complete new city in a complete new country. Being here for such a short time, I can‘t really write about “Barcelona insiders”. However this city inspired me so much and I don‘t want to leave it completely. In Barcelona I met lots of creative people – artists or designers who create great work and actually produce directly in Barcelona! I loved the idea of buying “local” products and not only all the “famous” brands in these big shopping centers. For this reason I decided to present you local designers and artists in various cities – starting in Barcelona. In the next weeks you will get to know some great shops & designers from and in Barcelona. When you visit them, please let me know ;)

Who‘s making the pictures?
Did you already meet LAURA PASTOR FOTOGRAFIA? No? Shame on you, check it out! Behind LAURA PASTOR FOTOGRAFIA are two sisters: Laura & Patricia. I loved their pictures and asked them if we can work together for one or two shoots. They agreed and we did not only one/two shoots but way more! In my last weeks of Barcelona, we had so much fun shooting that we agreed to work together even in distance.

_DSC4077 copia _DSC3064 copia_DSC3157 copia_DSC4034 copiaIMG_7599 IMG_7477


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