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_DSC4363 copiaLast summer I went to Barcelona for an internship. Since two weeks I am back home in Germany. It‘s crazy how a single summer can change you that much and turn your life upside down…

It‘s been three weeks from now since I am back home in Germany now. Looking back, it was a good decision leaving the place I know and go for something new. Of course it wasn‘t always easy – especially in the beginning. It took me some time to realize this isn‘t just a summer vacation in sunny Barcelona – I am not a tourist, I am living here! After that perception I could finally open myself up to Barcelona – to the city, the people, the culture…I started to change my way of living and thinking! Unfortunately everything comes to an end and after I got completely used to my new life in Barcelona…my adventure abroad was over. Just like this. Why must everything end while on it‘s best? Well, in Germany we have this wise saying “Man sollte aufhören, wenn‘s am Schönsten ist” which means something like “Always stop on the top”. I did that and now I am sitting in my small students apartment in Germany and tipping this text into wordpress. I know that this is not the end of my adventures – I will go on and search for new ones. But after my time in Barcelona I definitely know that I have to go abroad again and get to know other places, people and (most important) cultures! This is my last university term and I will enjoy it as much as I can. After that I am going to study abroad – yes, last week I‘ve applied at the University in Bordeaux.

I am free, I am young, I have time. I will not start working as soon as possible. I want to get educated by crossing borders and need some time to find out what makes me happy.

These pictures were made at the Bunkers in Barcelona. There is a very cute village at the top of the hill and next to the bunkers with only a few houses. These houses looked so cute, we had to shoot up there. How do you like my Brandy Melville top aka. dress and my Pons Quintana shoes! Do you know Pons Quintana? A brand from Menorca which I have discovered in Barcelona and love it! My next goal for autumn/winter: Pons Quintana boots! However, have fun with my Barcelona memories:

top – Brandy Melville

shoes – Pons Quintana

_DSC4348 copia _DSC4351 copia _DSC4362 copia_DSC4398 copia_DSC4367 copia _DSC4370 copia _DSC4391 copia _DSC4399 copia _DSC4407 copia _DSC4410 copia _DSC4416 copia _DSC4447 copia _DSC4539 copia _DSC4541 copia _DSC4546 copia

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  2. Great photo’s! Love your sentence: “I want to get educated by crossing borders” love your mentality!


  3. Sehr schöner Post! Mir geht es gerade genauso, befinde mich gerade mitten in einem Praktikum in El Salvador in Mittelamerika, sozusagen am anderen Ende der Welt. Ich bin also nicht die einzige, die ein paar downs hat im neuen Leben, aber daraufhin folgen immer ups! Go on like this – discover the world.

    Liebste Grüße
    Valentina 💕


    • Oh Wow- El Salvador ist ja noch einmal eine größere Nummer. Aber all die Ups & Downs bringen dir Erfahrung und stärken dich sicherlich:) ich wünsch dir alles Gute und sag`dir bescheid, falls ich mal vor habe nach el Salvador zu reisen :))


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