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MoiStore Barcelona

In the past posts I posted some outfits from the fashion luxury store MoiStore in Barcelona. This time I am going to present you the store from inside.

Moistore is situated right in the center of the Born district in Barcelona. It‘s one of many unique stores in the district selling very special, mature luxury fashion. The first thing you notice while stepping into the store is the very nice interior decoration. Brick walls, wooden vitrines and baroque furniture are giving the store a very domestic sensation. You feel so comfortable like shopping in your own, very extravagant home.

The first moment you touch the clothes, you can feel the strong, high-quality material. Every fashion piece has been carefully selected into the store – MoiStore is just selling all the fashionable goodies. Watch out, yet the hang at their place you might fall in love.

The owner of MoiStore is Jorge Morgó, who is also a very talented designer on his own. His label is called Moi designs and with MoiStore, the dream of an own clothing shop came true. Jorge is very passionate about fashion. When he talks about it, you‘ll get beamed into the great world of cuts and pattern. He tells you what suits you and what doesn‘t and he stays completely honest. Jorge is also talking about the real meaning of fashion – about representing the own personality and showing who you are. He makes and sells fashion for strong woman with personality in his own store – MoiStore.

Enjoy the inside of MoiStore and visit Jorge in the Born district

moistore003moistore014moistore004moistore013moistore005 moistore006moistore007moistore008moistore009moistore010moistore011moistore002

You are curious about how these designer fashion looks on your body? Take a look at my past shootings and satisfy yourself about it!

_DSC4782 copia

As you already may have recognized, the Moi designs are addressed to all the strong, independent yet very elegant woman- Woman who know who they are and what they want. Woman believing in they inner beauty, charm and quality fabrics. Are you one of these woman?

MoiStore Barcelona
C/ Rera Palau, 2

Facebook: MoiStore



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