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Back on the blog!

Yes, it has been a loooong time since I’ve posted in here – approximately 2 months! I am sorry but university and life came in between. Do you know that feeling when there is too much to do so you keep saying “I’ll do this tomorrow, I’ll make that tomorrow…” In my case every day was a “tomorrow” and I was never able to catch up all the things I’ve started.

Remember that time I was talking about going abroad? Well, I told you I was going to Bordeaux and here I am – jumping into new adventures while studying in France!

I’ve been hiding for too long – folks, I am back on the blog!

Thoughts of January

“I am a bit sad while thinking of Bordeaux. When I am arrive in Bordeaux, this means that I’ve graduated my last term of university, moved out of my apartment and left all of my university friends behind for a while – I will miss them! On one hand I love changes, but on the other I hate them! Meeting new people, discovering places, move on and on and on, never resting and not having a home where you can calm down from all these impressions – can be positive but also negative. I am a bit afraid but I know I have to do this trip. And – in between all these fears and doubts there is also pleasant anticipation. For meeting France, the wine, the people and another part of myself!

Btw: I saw a fox while being in Berlin! Can you image meeting a fox in the middle of Berlin?”



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