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Erasmus in Bordeaux

Since I have already told you that I am doing an Erasmus year abroad, from now on you’ll read lots of “living-in-France-experiences”. The frommage, the baguette, the macaroons and the good vin – truth or just another prejudice?

It’s been more or less one week since I have arrived at the Bordeaux airport. Within this time I decorated my french apartment, met my university, went for some shopping and tested the bars -so far, so good. My french is getting better but keeping up good conversations is still hard. My favorite sentence is: “Je ne parle pas le francais très bien.” – Which means that my french sucks. Always the same conversations – where I come from and how I like the city. It makes me feel like a tourist but I believe that this will get better soon.


I am impressed by all the beautiful streets and rues which are situated near the city center. I am lucky to own a place just in the center, so all the beautiful apartments around me are make me marveling. This is so french, so beautiful, full of prejudices and so oh là là!

If you know me you can guess what I’ve already checked out in this city… fashion, right. I am exited to present you some of my Bordeaux favorites and don‘t worry, I’ll also keep you up for news.




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7 thoughts on “Erasmus in Bordeaux

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  2. So pretty, I have never been there! Hope you can visit my blog :)


  3. Great post! I’m also doing erasmus in prague so I completely understand the wandering around marvelling at every single thing at every corner! I hope you have a great time :D


    • Praaague! I am sure you’ll have a great erasmus! I have been in Prague – it also has all these little corners and secret streets. Hope you have a great time in prague as well and as I know that the bear in prague is only 1 Euro each, I advise you not to drink too much :)


  4. ” beautiful streets and rues” Schon perfekt integriert! :) Als ich damals in Frankreich war hat nur eins geholfen: sprechen, zuhören und wieder sprechen. Versuch es mal mit französischen Youtube-Channels ;) Da hört man die Sprache gut und man kann es nachvollziehen (manchmal).
    Viel Erfolg! Ich freu mich auf Bordeaux!


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