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Valentine’s day Outfit !

Who is this Valentine and why is everybody crazy about him? This Valentine’s day is about ourselves!

 Happy Valentine’s day! <3

Welcome to the most wanted (but also hated) day of the year

When the city is full of red items, you know it must be pre-new-years-eve or: Valentine’s day. Since two weeks you can buy valentine’s presents, red lingerie, heart-formed chocolate, cute postcards and all the cuddly toys for our loved ones. So let’s be honest: do you already have your present or will you try to get something today … I mean, you still got time till the evening! Let me tell you one secret:  Ladies love roses, don’t matter what they say ;-)

Anyway there are also a lot of people that hate to see all the in-love, laughing-, nose-cuddling- and kissing-couples all the time. Everybody cares something special for someone else (even if it’s the mom) through the city center but there are no roses for you? Come on, you’re better than this! This year I was thinking how Valentine’s day can turn into a Lyx’s-day and I came to a conclusion: I’ll make myself a present!

Red lingerie? Almost, this time I am presenting you a red luxury clutch from bydeeksha. Combined to my all-in-black-outfit, the bag is the perfect eye-catcher at every party – not only these Valentine’s events. Seriously, why not making yourself happy instead of buying some stupid cuddly bears wearing red “i-love-you-so-much-baby-boo-hearts”????

This time it’s all about the woman, beautiful items for beautiful creatures!

Happy Valentine’s to all of you, I am spending mine in the cinema at “50 shades of grey“!



Outfit – MoiStore Barcelona

Clutch – ByDeeksha Barcelona

Want to get to know the designer?

Here is the interview with the designer

All photos by talented Laura Pastor Fotografia

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