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First two erasmus weeks in France

17 days from now I arrived in Bordeaux for  absolving a semester abroad. This post is about my first two weeks and why it’s so hard for me to integrate. I have already described you the city in my last Bordeaux post, so this time it’s about what I have actually done yet in these 17 days.

After moving into my beautiful apartment, I got myself a new SIM card with a french number. With FREEMobile I am paying 20,00 €/month which contains mobile internet (of course), free SMS, free calls within France and free calls into German landline. The mobile change went quick and from now on I can talk to my mom every time when I need a little family moment.

As my apartment is situated right in the city center of Bordeaux, I checked out all of the shops at the shopping mall. The shopping mall is full of well-known stores and popular brands. As you already know I love looking around other corners and finding some special stores with special treasures. Luckily, I have already found some and will soon present them to you. Oh and second-hand stores! Of course I have already checked them out and will soon show you some new looks. My new favorite shop right at the shopping mall in Bordeaux is HEMA, which seems to sell everything: kitchen-, bath- and cleaning implements, snacks; decoration, make-up etc etc! The price fits perfectly to the products and while getting lost there, I always find something I’d love to buy! I could perfectly compare it with a german “DM-market”.


During these 2 weekends I also went out for partying, of course. The french are spending a lot of time drinking in the bars. This is not wrong but  – depends on which bar you are going to – 0,5 beer can cost up to 11,00€! I consider this as a lot. I have also already checked out some electronic clubs like the iBoat and LeBootleg, but and La Plage, which is the “biggest club in Europe”. You want to know if I liked it? Well, let’s say I am more into electronic music and cozy, small clubs! Best vine-bar? Didn’t tried out so much that I could compare right now but I promise to write an entire blogpost about that theme!

Last but not least: University life – a place where it’s hard for me to integrate although I am really trying to. “It’s hard to get in touch with french people.”, my friends told my Bordeaux trip and I consider this sentence as perfectly true. After 17 days there is still no talking besides small talk. But I’m thinking positive – I have time until the summer to find some friends and spend a great erasmus semester!

And if you are also feeling lost and alone sometimes during your erasmus trip:

Remember, it’s hard for everybody in the beginning! Getting to know the right people, showing them that you’re a cool guy and getting up a conversation besides small talk. It’s hard but I believe that everything will turn up the right way! Remember to always be open minded, communicative and good in drinking. You should easily  get in touch with others at house parties or by joining some association. After a bad day, drink some vine, watch a movie or read a book and always remember: YOU’RE AWESOME ANYWAY!



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2 thoughts on “First two erasmus weeks in France

  1. It´s really great to hear a bit of your Erasmus experience! Hope to know more about it :)


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