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This time we have another upcoming fashion designer on the blog: Deeksha talks about her life as a fashion designer, Barcelona insiders and her habits on rainy sundays. I had the chance to met her fabulous bag collection in a cozy store in the middle of EL Born. They are perfect for a fancy night out or an evening event full of luxury or magic! You can check my articles about the bags here.

Deeksha is living in Barcelona and producing locally. Thumbs up for a real Barcelona designer!

Interview with Deeksha

Deeksha, tell us about the beginnings of your career

I dont consider it carreer, it is my  natural way to express creativity. Since I
was a little girl, I’m creating my own clothes, customizing bags and
shoes, cutting and sewing….When I feel overstressed or moody, I use to put
my hands on a piece of beatiful fabric or leather and visualize what can I
create out of it.

Becoming a designer – were there any challenges that you have underestimated?

I spend a lot of time searching for right team and yes, that was a moment when I almost gave up because no one seemed to be able to transform raw materials into becoming a beautiful finished product.

What inspires you in your work?

My latest collection of handbags by Deeksha is inspired by tales by 101 nights. Each piece has it’s very own story to tell and you become captivated and spellbound by their uniqueness and beauty.

What‘s the most expensive piece from your collection?

Our Nazar baguette made of pirarucu leather. Pirarucu is a giant fish of
Amazonian rivers and lakes and  its scales are large and hard enough to be used
as nail files! The price is around 2,500 Euro and soon we will post our
one-of-a-kind customized pieces on our web site.

What piece would you NEVER EVER design?

I will never design something that evokes violence and for sure Iwill never
ever use the  leather of endangered species or fuelling illegal hunting of wild
animals! Our pirarucu leather was purchased from well known official farm in
Brasil and I will refuse any kind of illegal trade!


Describe the people wearing your designs

My customers have no age, but passion for great accessories. They not only love fashion, but fashion combined with stories. They come from all over the world and are female and also male – Recently we made a customized Fatima hand clutch for a bag lover and he was very exited to make his bag unique and outstanding.

Tell us about a special occasion that you‘ll never forget!

Coming to a fashion store and meeting it’s owner while she was talking with her
assistant about my collection! She was placing her order on my website and
made me wait until the purchase was completed. Her reaction when I introduce myself was so funny!

Do you see the fashion world differently now, while being a designer?

Yes.  I’ve learned that creativity is the essence of fashion but without a
understanding of business, it will be difficult to sustain a business and make
it profitable. An understanding of the business world from finance to
sales is essential to become successful in the world of fashion.

What do you like to do on lazy, rainy sundays?

I use to stay at home with my family, cooking, listening audiobooks, creating my Pinterest boards  and drink some hot chocolate in the afternoon. However, we do not have so much rain in Barcelona :)

What’s your favorite shop in Barcelona?

I like Barcelona’s flea market but also some antiquity shops all around the globe, they are great places to find some unique pieces. I also like to visit concept stores as they display new designers.

City-insiders about Barcelona, please!

Get lost in Barrio Gotico, go to El Xampanyet for “vermut” and tapas and visit the La Bombeta bar in Barceloneta. For people who like it more fancy I would recommend the Nacional – huge new space on Paseo de Gracia. Oh, very important: make yourself a favor and avoid paella on Las Ramblas, you will overpay for frozen rice and bag sangria!

What‘s the next project?

Arabian Nights Collection will have a special new design which will be very glamorous and feminine. My next inspiration story is based in ancient Egipt. Stay tuned!

MoiStore, Clothing Store
Carrer Rera Palau, 2


_DSC4607 copia_DSC4589 copia

Thank you, Deeksha!



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