Share the secrets!


On CdM, SECRETS is a place presenting some great secret fashion places in different cities. It is a treasure map of beautiful stores, emerging designers or just nice places in some hidden side street. Click on your city and I will show you some places worth seeing!

IMG_7049 copia_phixr

Discovering And Supporting Fashion Ideas & Designers

Nowadays you can shop your fashion stuff everywhere. Everyone can buy it-most of the famous brands are available in every corner of your country. But what about owning something unique? What about small unknown shops, local designers or artists who have their showroom in a hidden side street? They do great work and with these pieces you will surely wear something unique! I really love brands -no doubt at that- but I think that you should also take an eye on some great artists around you. Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs and Chanel are not the only designers on earth. There are hundred of great people creating fashion with 101% love, passion and dedication. They may even use natural materials or produce locally! I want to support these designers and secretly hidden shops and you should definitely get to know them!

Don‘t be mainstream and enter the secret movement!


IMG_7049 copia


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